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The wave of the future is small businesses. Together smaller companies and upstarts are moving the economy. The assistance of technology has buoyed small business so that it can compete with big corporations.

Free shareware, virtual assistants, remote working, gig workers, social media, SEO, and even cloud computing all make small business leaner, more effective, and more efficient without spending a mint to keep up with the competition.

The key is knowing the difference between services that will add to the bottom line with nominal investment and those that just zap financial resources. For instance, having access to secure servers is not only a dream but necessary for most businesses. It keeps their information safe while being in accordance with accounting best practices and other government regulations.

Virtual Private Server Networks
Consider the costs of having on-site servers, along with hiring a full-time IT professional, in addition to the air conditioning bill to keep a server room cool. It is more than $100,000 just to hire the IT professional and have them on staff. Add to it the cost of servers and racks, and then the costs of air conditioning, and it is more than a small business can afford.

The use of off-site computing called cloud computing services and virtual private network servers have delivered in a big way for small businesses. They are incredibly affordable and provide services according to the many different storage needs.

In other words, as your company grows and expands, server space can be rented to accommodate your company. In addition to having access to the VPN servers, the cloud computing takes the hassle of storage off your shoulders.

For as long as companies have had computers they have performed tape backups of data. This is even in recent years, well into the digital revolution.      Save yourself the hours every month or quarter with off-site storage on the cloud. Meanwhile, utilize backup drives to secure an on-hand copy of the information.

You can easily pay a virtual assistant to perform this duty as well as scheduling meetings, setting up WordPress sites, writing content, arranging guest bloggers, and even handling sourcing SEO consultants.

At some point, it becomes clear that the use of permanent office space may not be necessary. As it turns out most people even under best circumstances can only squeeze out up to an average of 4 working hours per day. Add in a water cooler, messaging, and having them sit next to one another and the other four hours are spent chatting.

Small businesses do well to hire remote workers who have a proven track record of producing results and working independently. Hire them up to four hours per day as needed to keep costs at a minimum. Technology is your friend, especially when you have a small business.

Look to technology to lower overhead and save time. Put more of the responsibility in capable hands without all the wasted downtime of full-time employees by having an on-call team that works remotely. Work smarter, not harder thanks to technology.

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