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If you have ever heard of Cows before, it is a brand of ice cream that originates out of Canada. It was founded back in Cavendish in the 1980s. It started just with ice cream, then expanded to cheddar cheese and all of the merchandise was based upon themes revolving around cows. They marketed it as the best ice cream in all of Canada, and it was featured in Reader’s Digest. Here’s a little bit of the history of this Cows product and brand, and where it is today.

The History Of Cows Ice Cream

After its initial start back in 1983, the cheese portion of the company began in 2006. They had many different products, and was regarded 2008 is one of the top 10 ice cream manufacturers in the world. There were actually T-shirts that had this design, based upon many whimsical themes all revolving around cows. These were placed on not just T-shirt but pens, mugs and many other items, and in 2007 they created a 25,000 ft.² office in Charlottetown. This was paid for not by profits but by a loan provided by the government. It was actually modeled after the famous Ben & Jerry’s headquarters where they would do not only ice cream production but also focus on the marketing materials such as T-shirts that were constantly produced. What is interesting about this company is that although it is well known in Canada, it rivals the popularity and size of the aforementioned Ben & Jerry’s company that started in Burlington in Vermont nearly 4 decades ago. Their products have allowed this company to grow even larger, and is a very successful company even today.

Products From Cows

Once the facility grew to over 32,000 ft.², affording it room for cheese production, they began to expand into over 32 flavors of ice cream including the famous Wowie Cowie, but their cheese expansion was also profitable. Partnering with a local cheese maker in the Orkney Islands, the used recipes which would later form the foundation for their signature cheese. This cheese included cheddar cheese, some of which was based upon the wrapping of cheese with cheesecloth originating out of Cheddar, a town in England. The merchandise that was produced actually lead to movies that were parities of the famous Harry Potter movies. They had Gary Potter, and the Udder of the Phoenix, all of which were very popular.

Today cows ice cream is still producing cheese and products. You can get beach towels, calendars, and you can see their main website located at online. It is a real business that continues to grow, and is always looking for people to work with the company, a business that has grown exponentially over the decades. If you would like to learn more about this company, order products, or find out about a career, this is one of the top businesses in Canada that started from the simple production of high butterfat content ice cream.

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